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Lots of visitors at Salonvert 2020

From September 22nd to 24th, 11 212 visitors went to Salonvert. During 3 days and according to sanitary rules and the maximal gauge of visitors, professionals met 247 exhibitors and had the possibility to talk about their project with them. In this actual context, this exceptional mobilization is a clear and positive indicator for the sector.


Positive overview and exhibitor satisfaction

The number of visitors was indeed lower than the previous editions, but the exhibitors state themselves “we cannot compare what is not comparable”. The majority appreciated this opportunity to meet and take time for the 11 212 visitors, when so many other events were cancelled.

In their point of view “the public that came was qualified, motivated by new projects and reassured regarding all the sanitary measures put in place”. This 2020 edition gathered 73% of exhibitors compared to 2018, and amongst them the leaders of the market: ISEKI, HUSQVARNA, TORO, HONDA, VOLVO, etc.


A day dedicated to distributors and the Record of Innovations

2 key events specific to Salonvert have happened as usual : the day dedicated to distributors and the Record of Innovations.

The day dedicated to distributors was created to allow distributors and their team to converse with their manufacturers in a more privileged manner, but also to discover new ones, negotiate their conditions etc. This day is exclusively dedicated to them “Despite a 40% decrease of the number of visitors this day, we can consider it as a success regarding the quality of the leaders who made it” states Frederic Bondoux. “Besides Salonvert, where exhibitors could have meet 1 913 distributors in one day in 2020? “

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Our next meetings: 

Salonvert to the Château de Baville : the 20th, 21st and 22nd of september 2022.

Salonvert Sud-Ouest Aquiflor : the 20th and 21st of september 2023.


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